Low Hanging Fruit

I have some new readers, and this has made me a bit reluctant to write.  I cannot write bullshit, but when I feel as though my thoughts, words, choices and actions are being scrutinized in a negative manner, I have a difficult time writing my soul.

Enough of that.

This holiday season has been full of family, friends, food, and flammable liquids (why would I want to ingest flammable liquids??)

Alcohol makes me:

  • fun
  • sexy
  • relaxed
  • numb
  • sleepy
  • sexy
  • free

Or does it?

  • I have lost or damaged several relationships due to my drinking, their drinking, our drinking.
  • I have missed several spur of the moment opportunities due to being too impaired to drive.  REALLY cool and awesome spur of the moment opportunities.
  • I have said many many regrettable things while drinking.  I have sent some UGLY digital communications while drinking.
  • I have missed precious time with my loved ones due to drinking.


  • SHRINKS MY BRAIN.  Literally.  Even mild to moderate drinkers show decreased hypothalamus size compared to non-drinkers.  Shrinkage is almost NEVER a positive event.
  • diminishes my ability to feel ALL emotions, not just the difficult ones.  I am going to fully experience life, and do it with clarity and presence.
  • gives me wrinkles.  In all honesty, this should be enough to never imbibe again!
  • wrecks my gut and microbiome
  • increases anxiety and depression
  • increases cancer risk, especially breast cancer in women
  • is a huge waste of money
  • messes up my liver and other vital organs

Alcohol is a low hanging fruit.  Meaning, in an era when people (including myself) are concerned with micro nutrients, organic food, GMO’s, and so many other environmental issues which our out of our control, why the FUCK am I continually putting a known neurotoxin into my body??

I do yoga, take supplements, eat a primarily WFPB (whole food plant based) diet, and take many other steps that lead to living both better and longer.  So, I suppose this is my public line in the sand.  AF (alcohol free) or bust.  Before and After 30 days to follow.

Light and Love,






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