Lost and Found

I have been watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. It’s delightful. So many lessons of hope and love and coming together during tough times, all wrapped in sarcastic hilarity. One of the characters, Stevie, got dumped, hard. The matriarch of the family, Moira Rose, appears on her doorstep with wine and a new project, saying, ” […]

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French Fries

Yesterday, I listened to a solidly challenging podcast with Dan Harris and Evelyn Tribole.  Evelyn is the mother of intuitive eating, and Dan likes to eat.  I too, like to eat.  Or do I? I have used food as medicine, as a distraction, as a numbing device, as a celebration, as a reward, and for […]

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Princess Laughing Woman

Life and the world are a bit challenging right now. Every morning for the past month or so, I’ve spent 30 minutes in silent prayer and meditation. At the end of each session, I ask God, or the Universe, or something bigger and smarter than me, to guide my path.  To give me a sign, […]

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I just finished reading a book, “North of Beautiful” by Justina Chen.  Chen tackles our concepts of physical beauty vs. TRUE or authentic beauty. Who are the people and what are the “things” we love most in the world?  The people I love most?  Easy.  My children and my family.  (Family includes those who may […]

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Occam’s Razor and Good Ole Boys

Ahmaud Arbery was executed. In discussing this inexcusable and heinous act with someone from the opposite side of the political fence, he brought up Occam’s Razor.   He said, “This just doesn’t make sense.  If the two white men really executed this innocent black man, they would be brought to justice.  There must be something the […]

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Listening to some Gary Zukav.  He’s an interesting fellow, and from what I can gather, he has experienced skillful growth and learned some, in my opinion, valuable lessons over the course of his life.  Don’t be an ass. It is helpful to determine if desires, goals and passions coming from a place of love or […]



Today, as I walked through my neighborhood, I was scared and angry. I was confronted with bloody condoms, drug dealers and users, trash, aggressive stray dogs, aggressive men, aggressive drivers, thumping bass, flooded and smelly culverts.  As hyper-vigilance consumed me while walking past two men in my path, I was just pissed.  I was pissed […]

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Ora and Labora

There are fruitless conversations.  Conversations with people who think Melania is smart because she speaks multiple languages and in the same breath, negates the intelligence of  Elizabeth Warren, claiming, “people think EW is smart because she taught at Harvard Law.  (Well, it’s a pretty good start) Conversations where indefensible behavior, such as separating immigrant children […]

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