2019: A year in Review

In 2019, I learned:
I need to be loving, teaching, and serving a population that would otherwise be unable to obtain someone with my particular education and skill set.
Alcohol does not serve me, nor does it help me reach any long term goals.
Excessive processed food and animal products do not serve me, nor do they help me reach any long term goals.
Self-abuse does not serve me.
I finally learned that I am worthy.
In 2019, I received:
Radical Candor
The most beautiful words from my father…
you are so intelligent
you are beautiful
I love you
Those were the last words he spoke to me before hid death, and those thoughts and words may be the greatest gift I’ve ever received
In 2019, I embraced:
My home
My spiritual journey
My neighborhood
A partner who adores me
my broken road
In 2019, I released:
Toxic men
so many material possessions, I cannot number them all
1770 square feet of house, and 1000 sf of storage
shame over my departure from my marriage and religion
a ton of guilt, shame,  and daddy issues
my broken road
In 2019, I witnessed:
2020, here we come.
Light and Love,

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