Big Bio

Good DAY!!  I am Laura Hall, a 45-year-old, former-Mormon, former user of addictive substances (alcohol and FOOD), former user of excessive and numbing behaviors (you pick one…excess was my mantra) former aerobics instructor and cyclist,  former obese, bulimic, binge-eating, 17-year stay-at-home-mom of two children, divorced, with an undergrad in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy, (BYU 1993), a Master’s in Education (Texas Woman’s University 2012),  and I am currently finishing up my Dyslexia and Academic Language Therapist training at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital.  I also teach at a public title one charter school in Fort Worth, Texas.

I am here to bring joy to humanity (including myself!) through holistic living, awakening the spirit, building relationships, facilitating change and breaking molds.  I am here to BRING JOY for the benefit of myself, my family, my community, and the world!


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