Thunder Thighs

I grew up being called, “Thunder Thighs”, among other pejorative weight and size related nick-names.  These came from family members, “friends”, and mean kids at school.

I despised my thighs so much, when I was 30, I paid about 5K to have liposuction.  Not once, but TWICE.  (first time just wasn’t enough).

Yesterday, I intentionally chose to do hot yoga in shorts.  And, the entire time, as I was bending, stretching, warriorring, and downward dogging, I whispered words of gratitude for my thighs; gratitude for their strength, endurance, and power.

As I pondered their dimpled appearance, I wondered who decided that dimples are negative.  Is an orange any less beautiful than an apple?  No, they’re just different, but both are vibrant, sweet, and orange

For today, I am grateful for what is, and will define beauty my own dayum self.

Light and Love,



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