French Fries

Yesterday, I listened to a solidly challenging podcast with Dan Harris and Evelyn Tribole.  Evelyn is the mother of intuitive eating, and Dan likes to eat.  I too, like to eat.  Or do I?

intuitive eating

I have used food as medicine, as a distraction, as a numbing device, as a celebration, as a reward, and for a multitude of other reasons beyond basic nourishment.  And that’s ok!  For today, I’m done passing judgement on my consumption history and habits.  I may go back to judging in the morning, but for today, I’m just fine with the whole journey.

Yesterday, I wanted McDonald’s french fries.  Oh, so terrible, processed, full of all the bad fat and carbs and I’m pretty sure they add sugar too.  And I wanted them with catsup.  Lots and lots of tangy catsup!!

I procured the illicit fries, LARGE size even, and savored a few on the drive home.  I really focused on taste, texture, smell, and mouth feel.  They were everything I hoped for, minus the catsup and a little salt.  Crunchy outside, delectable creamy inside, hot, the grease coated my mouth and just felt good.  (such a weak adjective, I know).

I got home, put the remaining LARGE order of fries on a plate, prepared a side of catsup, sat down and focused on SAVORING my food.  After eating about half of the fries, they cooled off and just didn’t taste the same.  They started to feel waxy in my mouth, and lost their appeal.

Lesson number one:  no food will ever been forbidden.

Lesson number two:  I don’t think I’ll ever need or want a large fry again, since by the time I get to eat them all, they are too cold to be tasty.

So, getting a small fry, not because of the smaller portion size or because it contains fewer calories, BUT because it is just the right amount to consume while still warm, is a novel and amazing concept.

Oh, and my ass still fits into my pants.  Probably because we’re in the middle of a pandemic and I’m wearing stretchy pants.stretchy pants

Light, love, and french fries…



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