Today, as I walked through my neighborhood, I was scared and angry.

I was confronted with bloody condoms, drug dealers and users, trash, aggressive stray dogs, aggressive men, aggressive drivers, thumping bass, flooded and smelly culverts.  As hyper-vigilance consumed me while walking past two men in my path, I was just pissed.  I was pissed about being a woman and feeling fear.

I happened to be listening to a podcast on meditation, the mind, and consciousness.  Both individual and universal consciousness.

How do I balance my desire for non-dualistic thinking and connection with a greater consciousness with the very practical desire for safety.

How to live in the world but not be constrained by it.

I did manage to shift my thinking a bit.  Rather than anger and fear, I took a shot at gratitude.

Gratitude that:

  • I am strong.  I can move swiftly and with purpose.
  • I have Buddy.
  • I have a taser.
  • I live in an area with some pockets of profound natural beauty.
  • I have options.

When Buddy and I encountered strays, we turned and went in a different direction.  We had, and continue to have a multitude of paths from which to choose.  I can choose a path that leads to conflict and pain, or I can choose a path that circumvents such.

There’s a lesson there.  For today, I am grateful for options.  I have the freedom to step outside and choose my path.  Choose my adventure.  Choose my attitude.

May I choose wisely.

May we all.

Light and Love,

BL  (and Buddy)





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