Ora and Labora

There are fruitless conversations.  Conversations with people who think Melania is smart because she speaks multiple languages and in the same breath, negates the intelligence of  Elizabeth Warren, claiming, “people think EW is smart because she taught at Harvard Law.  (Well, it’s a pretty good start) Conversations where indefensible behavior, such as separating immigrant children from their families, mocking the disabled, and grabbling pussy is defended.  Conversations telling me why my feelings are wrong.

Wisdom School is teaching me to disengage from these conversations and dualistic thinking.  Apparently, I have a lot to learn.

The world is full of chatter about the mundane.  My world included.  There are so many screens, voices, products, and activities vying for our attention, sometimes, it is difficult to see and feel what is of import and what should be ignored.

This week’s lesson in Wisdom School is about both ora and labora or “prayer and work”.  The prayer is, “Lord, as you will, have mercy.”  The work?  Spending time in silence.  Listening.  Meditating.  Contemplating.

Silence is an interesting and underutilized concept, at least in my world.  Gonna give it a whirl.

Light, Love, and Listening…



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