Sometimes, I hold so tightly to ideas, things, people, relationships, behaviors, and any number of worldly things, my clenched fists of control ache.

For example, I have spent a good 11 years buried under the idea of finding lasting romantic love.  Maybe, that just isn’t in the cards.  Maybe, the universe has other plans.

Other ideas, beliefs, dare I suggest,


that I am questioning:

traditional employment as absolutely necessary for safety and success

the necessity of material possessions for security

traditional medicine as a vehicle toward health

how I view my body and sexuality, especially as it relates to the pleasure and approval of men

the nature of God and the interconnectedness of the Universe

traditional roles and definitions of the masculine/feminine

Today, I am shaking out my exhausted and battered hands.  I am allowing them to lie open, bare, and vulnerable.  For as my hands and heart open to let go, they also open to receive.

Light and Love,









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