I listen to a lot of smart, successful, thoughtful and inspiring people.  I aspire to be a smart, successful, thoughtful and inspiring person.  Thoughts on how to achieve such status.

Begin at the beginning and keep the main thing the main thing.   (I think I stole that from Covey and Martha Beck)

Lately, I find myself very scattered and pulled in a million different directions.  Should I write?  Read?  PhD?  Teach?  Organize?  Marry?  Love?  Move?  Buy?  Sell?  Start a business?  Hang my shingle?  Connect?  Lecture?

When I am quiet (you know…the whole “be still and know that I am God” thing?  I know I need to breathe and get my own health in order.  My physical, mental, and spiritual health.  What that looks like, I’m not sure.  I do know that breath and presence are mandatory.  As are love and connection.  Plant based whole foods, laughter, writing, movement, service, and seeking to see and understand others.

So there.  writing it all down always clears my head and gives me direction.  Houses, jobs, and all material things will take care of themselves as I take care of myself.

For today, self care involved:

  • A lovely walk in the soft Austin rain while listening to Seth Godin.
  • A hot shower and all of the lovely lotions and potions that make me smell and feel peaceful.
  • Green/mint tea.
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Listening and learning about grit,
  • Laughing and connecting with those I love
  • And working it all out here on the blog


Light and Love,


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