…And I love myself!

When my daughter Cai, was about 2 or 3 years old, she had an affinity for listing things.  Apparently, such quirks are genetic, and start early in life.  One of her favorite list topics was, “people she loved.”  It was a long list including a large extended family and many friends from her church circle.  She would ALWAYS end the list with an emphatic, “And I love myself!”  Which was wonderful then, and enviable now.

In this season of resolutions, may we resolve to love ourselves.  May we be authentic and true.  May we show the grace, compassion, and patience toward self that we would to a cherished child or friend.

I am learning to do the aforementioned, but it is a long and non-linear process.  I still find myself thinking or, even speaking aloud, words such as, ugly, fat, and stupid when I experience failure.  I would NEVER use such words with Cai, rather, I would reassure her that the only failure lies in not trying.  I would encourage her to eat her greens, get her rest, read, laugh, pray (or meditate or sit in the quiet),  and play.  And most of all, I would, in no uncertain terms, inform her that she is loved, exactly as she is today, no exceptions.

So, my resolution for the year is to love.  Myself and others.  Love means doing hard things, in order to become a better person, friend, colleague, and mother.  Love means showing patience when those hard things are overwhelming, and I fall flat on my face.  Love means reaching out to trusted friends when I am hurting, and being a steady shoulder and listening ear when the roles are reversed.  Love means remembering who I am, and what I am here for.  Joy.

Light and Love,

Big Laura


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