So, who gets into Subway, and who gets locked out?

It seems false and hypocritical for a white person to write about racism, white privilege, human rights, equality, and equanimity. It feels as if I just want a pat on the back for how racially sensitive and amazing I am.  As if I want a nod because  “my best friends are black,”  “my students are black,”  and “my niece and nephews are black.”  As if that somehow means I understand.  As if that somehow means I’m cool, and I don’t benefit from that privilege.  As if I’m off the hook and don’t have to stand up.  Well, I don’t understand, I’m not cool, I am so on the hook, and I do benefit.  Every day I benefit.

At the end of the day, I am white, and I, along with all people who look like me, rule the world.  Not because we work harder or are smarter, it’s because we are white.

So, here is my small attempt at standing up.

Jodi Piccoult explains privilege in her book, “Small, Great Things.”  (background, a white defense attorney is addressing a jury in a capitol murder case in which the defendant is a black female nurse accused of murdering an infant in her care.)

“What if, ladies and gentlemen, today I told you that anyone here who was born on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday was free to leave right now? Also, they’d be given the most central parking spots in the city, and the biggest houses. They would get job interviews before others who were born later in the week, and they’d be taken first at the doctor’s office, no matter how many patients were waiting in line. If you were born from Thursday to Sunday, you might try to catch up – but because you were straggling behind, the press would always point to how inefficient you are. And if you complained, you’d be dismissed for playing the birth-day card.” I shrug. “Seems silly, right? But what if on top of these arbitrary systems that inhibited your chances for success, everyone kept telling you that things were actually pretty equal?”
― Jodi PicoultSmall Great Things

I have repeatedly heard white people deny the existence of their privilege.  They claim that they have worked hard and earned everything they’ve gotten in life.

1.  I do not doubt the work ethic of people making such claims, but we also have the privilege of being born white.  Or being born on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  How do you ever catch up when you’re simply born a day that is not favored?  You don’t.

2. Statements such as this indicate that people of color in this country do NOT work hard, and are offensive.  So stop.

I write this today because last night, one of my favorite families in the entire world was locked out of a Subway sandwich shop at 8 pm.  They knocked on the door, and were turned away.  As they were returning to their car, a white woman knocked, and was granted entrance.  The doors were then locked again, and another black person was denied entrance.  Their young son asked why they weren’t allowed in.  What would you say?  How would you answer?

shephard family
This family was denied entrance to the Subway sandwich shop on Sycamore Village Shopping Center, 3515 Sycamore School Rd #110, Fort Worth, TX 76133, at 8 pm on August 31, 2017.  Please call 1-800-888-4848 and complain if you find this disgraceful, offensive, and unacceptable.

White privilege means never having to answer this question,

and denying it doesn’t make it any less insidious, pervasive, and real.


Again, please call

1-800-888-4848 or email (store #18547-0)

and complain if you find this disgraceful, offensive, and unacceptable.

JFK is often quoted as saying

“one person can make a difference, and every person should try.”

Please try.

Light and Love,

Big Laura







5 thoughts on “So, who gets into Subway, and who gets locked out?

  1. Found the store number which is 18547. Required to send an e-mail. Grr. This makes me so mad if it is what it appears to be./


      1. I just sent my message stating I would not be frequenting any Subways stores until I hear a satisfactory explanation which is a loss to them because Jon and I frequent Subways all around the world on a frequent basis. Thanks for taking a stand. This makes my burn!!!


  2. I am trying to send an e-mail but they require the store number – which I cannot find online. Any ideas what it is? This is atrocious unless the store was actually closed and the white woman who was allowed entrance was not a customer but rather an employee or friend of an employee. What a disgrace!!




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