30 day reset

Things have just been off since the holidays.  Sugar, meat, gluten, over-consumption, night time binges, all making me feel just OFF.

ALSO:   I fell in October, and jacked my wrist, shoulder and neck when I threw out my arm to catch myself.  I started seeing a chiropractor, 6 weeks ago, and while she is THE NICEST PERSON, for the past two days, my neck has had excruciating pain, that has radiated down my entire right side.  I just don’t think chiropractic treatment is the modality for me.  The pain was bad enough that I took ibuprofen (which I had not ingested in over a year) and called my MD for a muscle relaxer.  Oh, neither of these helped, so I’m back to being drug free as of today.  I will do ice/heat and some exercises recommended by my dear friend who is a very squared away physical therapist.

OH, and additionally, I had all of my mercury amalgams removed during the first two weeks of February, and even in the best of circumstances, there will be some residual toxicity from inhaling the byproducts of the drilling.  Both visits were over 3 hours, in the chair, and it just wore me out.  I went to a great holistic dentist, and she followed all protocols, but again, I don’t think major dental helped my neck, body, or overall health profile.

All this to say, I just feel like crap.  And I’m taking a break.  Resetting.  Doing some self-care.

I may or may not check in on the blog from time to time, but this is for me, so y’all may or may not get to play.  See how it all feels.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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