In honor of the DAY OF LOVE,   (isn’t it silly/stupid/fucked up to designate a day for love?  I feel the work of Hallmark at play)  BUT, anyway, in honor of THE day, I read a lovely essay on “love” by Henry David.  Y’all know I love me some HD.  Interestingly enough, HD never married.  He claims to have loved, and loved deeply, but to have been rejected by his heart’s desire.

My take away from his essay?

HD had some fucked up ideas about love.

“I require that thou knowest everything without being told anything. I parted from my beloved because there was one thing which I had to tell her. She questioned me. She should have known all by sympathy. That I had to tell it her was the difference between us–the misunderstanding.”

Oh, HD.  That’s just not fair.  To you or anyone.  No man or woman should ever be expected to know everything without being told anything.  So, out the door went HD and his thoughts on love.  He’s a great thinker, and an even better walker, but as a lover, he has missed the mark.

After the post about “the man“, I had a lot of people inquire how that whole thing turned out.  Turned out, I had to pull up my big girl panties and let him know how I was feeling.  Any conversation in which I express a need is extremely difficult for me.  It makes me feel weak, like a loser, and, duh, needy.  I expressed, he got it, we cool.  Funny how that works out.

Love.  Express.  Be brave.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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