GUT 3: Causes of bad gut

All health starts in the gut.  (here)

There is a buttload of disease associated with bad (leaky) gut. (here)

SO, the question begs to be asked:  What are some CAUSES of leaky gut syndrome?

  • Food
    • processed foods (yes, twinkies are bad for your gut)
    • sugar
    • gluten
    • dairy
    • some grains
    • some beans and legumes
    • the jury is out on animal protein as an inflammatory substance.  (I have found it to be extremely inflammatory in my body)
    • genetically modified foods

I know, this list would make it appear as if there is NOTHING left to eat.  And it sometimes feels that way!  In my journey toward gut and soul health, I started with eliminating processed foods.

MY definition of processed?  If a food had more than 5 ingredients and I couldn’t pronounce even one of the ingredients, it was considered processed.  That’s where I started.  You do you.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol and I do not have a healthy relationship.  I don’t think ANYONE really functions at their best, most kick-ass self when consuming even small to moderate amounts of alcohol.  (yes, even red wine, blessed by fairies)  This is my opinion.  You do you.

  • Medications
    • motrin
    • advil
    • steroids
    • antibiotics
    • acid-reducing drugs
    • anti-depressants

Any pill you put into your body, whether from your doc or over the counter has the potential to mess up your gut.  And big pharma does NOT have your best interests at heart.  Trust me here.

  • Environmental Toxins
    • mercury and other heavy metals
    • pesticides
    • BPA from plastics
    • various chemicals, parfums, and other shit found in beauty and household products.
  • Stress
  • Poor sleep hygiene

This can be overwhelming.  I know it was for me.  It still is, depending on the day.  I started with Diet Dr. Thunder.  He’s not a doctor.

Trust, Try, Heal.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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