Candy. Books.

I love candy.  Or at least I used to love it.  Or at least I THOUGHT I loved it.  Or at least I used to use copious amounts of candy to numb out the difficult and intense feelings of life. Turns out, I was also numbing the joy.  (and totally messing up my gut, which messes up your head, but that’s another post)

So, what of “brain candy?”  What of media (social, audio, or print) that serves to numb or distract rather than inform, uplift, and inspire?

The following paragraphs are shamelessly lifted from Maria Popova.

  • Carl Sagan saw in books “proof that humans are capable of working magic.” The magic of humanity’s most enduring books — the great works of literature and philosophy — lies in the simple fact that they are full of hope for the human spirit.
  • William Faulkner, who came of age in a brothel, saw humanity at its most depraved, and yet managed to maintain his faith in the human spirit. In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, he asserted that the writer’s duty is “to help man endure by lifting his heart.”
  • I continue to stand with E.B. White, who so memorably asserted that “writers do not merely reflect and interpret life, they inform and shape life”; that the role of the writer is “to lift people up, not lower them down.”

These are really smart people, and they’re giving pretty amazing advice.  FREE of CHARGE.  (my descriptive verbiage astounds the mind and heart)


Turn off the television and other screens.

Read a damn book.

Read a damn GOOD book.

  • If you’re really smart (as in Jake and Dane smart), Pick 3 titles from this list, (top 100 books ever written), check out from the library, and GO.  Surely ONE will resonate.
  • If you’re only “Laura Smart”, Pick three from THIS list (top 100 children’s novels), check them out from the library, and GO.

Read, Think, Dream, Act, Live, Love, Live Joy.

Continue to put only the best of the best into your body/mind/spirit, and soul. (see more on that HERE).



Light and Love,

Big Laura

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