Dr. Hyman for the win.

before, during, after.jpg
Two pics in brown mumu.  November 2012.  Before I had lapband surgery.  Less than a year after surgery, due to constant overeating, my band slipped, and I required another surgery to repair the damage I had done.  Overate again, ended up going to Mexico for band removal.  So, no band, and lots and lots of scars on my belly.  Pic in which I appear ready to kill someone.  August 2015.  I was hung over, depressed, anxious, and just not happy.  The “after” pic?   Taken on the beach in Cancun, Mexico October 2016.  After I discovered a bit of self-love, and sound eating principles.  I hate the term after, as there is no after.  My health is a constant journey.

I share these photos because the changes in my body can be seen. The changes in my mind and heart are a little more difficult to capture. All that being said, I was suicidal and committed when I was teaching 20 aerobics classes a week, racing bikes, and doing a very regular bikram practice. So the body is NOT always a reflection of the mind and heart, nor is it a guarantor of JOY. But photos are what I’ve got.

Over the weekend, a friend contacted me.  She had received some disturbing blood work results, and knows she needs to make some changes in nutrition.  We sent a few texts back and forth, and I committed to write a post just for her.  (But, y’all are welcome to read along.)

  1.  We’ve established, I’m not anyone’s Jedi Master.
  2. We’ve also established that my journey toward better health and wholeness has not been linear, quick, or without faceplants.  (See THIS post for more on that)
  3. The journey continues, and is a daily learning experience.  Filled with joy, excitement, frustration, and sometimes just fucking pain.  Journeys are like that.

All that being said, there are some things that almost every respectable health expert agrees upon.

  1.  sugar is bad (and I don’t typically refer to foods as bad/good, but sugar is bad)
  2. eat whole, real, food
  3. eat dark leafy greens

Everything else can get really really confusing.  And what works for some may not work for others.

My number one nutrition, wellness, and holistic living pick?  (and I’ve tried a lotta “stuff”).  FOR ME, and my body/mind/spirit:

Dr. Mark Hyman for the win.

  • Yes, I may have a thing for smart Jewish men.  This site has referenced Maslow, Einstein, and Frankl more than once.
  • Yes, he is a total hottie.
  • These things are not hurting his case, BUT, I’ve read his books, I’ve read his blog, I’ve listened to his podcasts, I’ve used his protocols, and his approach towards health and wellness resonate with my head and body.  He’s lived the pain of a toxic life, and has come through the other side.  He’s squared away, and his credentials are beyond reproach.  But don’t believe me.  Try it.  Google it.  Research it.  Argue with it.  OR. TRY. IT.

Even Dr. Hyman has a lot of information out there. His protocols are fairly consistent, although some updates are made as he discovers new and more effective paths towards health.  I LOVE this about him.  He’s actually open to learn, grow, and change as needed.

OF Dr. Hyman’s protocols, I would recommend beginning with THIS FREE PDF of the   10 Day Detox.  10 days.  It might suck.  It might hurt.  It might make you cry.  You may have headaches.  You may feel all the feelings.  And you might just change your head, heart, and body.  So:


Do ALL of the activities, including the journaling, (FREE JOURNAL PDF HERE) the meditation, and the nutrition, the movement, and the SLEEP.

Don’t like all of the recipes?  Don’t want to have to worry about shopping and cooking?  Do the ONE PAGE DETOX HERE.  You will still have to prep, but it’s pretty much the same thing daily, so it can be done as batch cooking.

This is so much more than food.  So very much more. But it starts there.  Food is medicine.  Food has the power to heal or harm.  Let it heal.   Heal your body.  Heal your mind.  Heal your heart.  Heal your soul.  Heal the world.  Just.  Heal.

Heal. Live.  Live joy.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Hyman for the win.

  1. Hmm, interesting. I’ll check him out. I have probably worried too little about what I eat – a bit surprised the results of my physicals and lab work have been so normal after so many years on a bachelor diet and avoidance of everything green other than green beans.

    p.s. I’m a fourth Jewish if that gives me any leverage.

    thanks you for your great blog.


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