Fairy Tales and WORDS.

One of my total favorite people in the world. He is the son of my BFF, and this photo is shared with his permission.

FOUR YEARS AGO, dyslexia was NOT on my radar. I was a traditional classroom teacher in a 4th and 5th grade English Language Arts class. My journey to become a dyslexia therapist would not even be a thought in my mind or heart for 2.5 more years.  (I am currently completing a post-grad 2 year program to become a certified academic language and dyslexia therapist.  This program EATS MY LUNCH, but that’s another post)

Today, THIS interaction popped up in my Facebook page memories:

January  16, 2013.

I had a colleague inform me today that she “would not have her students write fairy tales because it was frivolous and she didn’t have any WALT DISNEY’s in her class.” I told her I fully planned on teaching Walt, and having him thank me personally in his Oscar speech.

Walt Disney had dyslexia, which I had NO CLUE about at the time. I just knew that I loved fairy tales (still do) and that reading and writing them brought joy, imagination, and hope to both myself and my students.

Be careful what you say. Words are POWERFUL. What are the stories we tell ourselves?  Are we too fat?  Too female?  Too weak?  Too drunk?  Too poor?  Too depressed? Too MUCH?  Change your words, change your story, write your own fairy tale.  YOU. DO. YOU.  And I’m going to keep on doing me.  As challenging as that has historically proven to be!

Here’s to all the Walt’s in the world. And to Fairy Tales.

Dane, Laura, and Tinkerbell. Disney. Circa 2006. I When you can get your 14 year old son to pose in this manner, the picture stays around FOREVER.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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