So this came in yesterday.  From one of my bff’s.  She’s amazing, and has no trouble expressing herself to anyone, about anything.  Balls of steel.  Me, I have balls of cotton.

Her statement made me think.  And ask why.  Why am I spending my time and energy on food.  On what I put into my body.  On trying new things.  Experimentation.

Food. Has. Saved. My. Life.  Much like books, food has allowed me to numb out abusive situations that were too difficult for my young self to bear.  That numbing was NECESSARY for survival as a 5-year-old child.  As a 45-year-old woman, the numbing has got to go.

AND, Over the past year, food has been my medicine.  Literally.  By using the tools and suggestions found first in the Blue Zones, and then in the Ultramind Solution, I have been able to GRADUALLY, UNDER THE CARE OF MY ROCKSTAR FUNCTIONAL MEDICAL DOCTOR, reduce and eliminate all anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications.

And. I’m. Happy.

That is a big ass statement for me.  Happiness has not been my life situation. Depression, suicide, anxiety, and despair have been more the MO.  Happy, even at times, JOYOUS are new to me. And I owe much of this joyful/happiness to food.  Dark leafy greens, happy proteins, and yummy creamy good for me fats.

So my friend is right.  I know how to eat, why not just do that?  Why try Forks over Knives? Why try Bulletproof?  Why try Whole30?

  1.  I want to maximize performance.  In all areas.  And I feel these types of anti-inflammatory nutritional programs are a great foundation for kicking ass in the entire wheel.  And with every single “program” I try, I learn SOMETHING that works or doesn’t work in my body!
    Life Balance Wheel

    2.  I don’t want to die a horrible death accompanied with chronic disease.  There are many ways to die, believe me, I’ve seen a few.  I know how I want to go.  And I will do everything in my power to make that happen.  (that’s another post, but I really do know how/where/and with whom I want to die!)

    3.  Final WHY?  I like this stuff.  Food, nutrition, performance have always been of great interest to me.  Even when I’m not practicing the best habits, I LOVE learning and reading about this stuff.  It’s my flow.

We’ve already written about knowledge, action, and change.  I love the knowledge part.  Love it.  The action part is always a struggle.  Humans are creatures of habit, and tend to take the path of least resistance through life.  Action and lasting change are difficult.

If you’re totally happy with every piece of the pie, get on with your bad self!!  I for one, know I need more knowledge, more action, and am ready (maybe) for some change.  I’m ready to be joyous, in my body.  In my mind.  In my relationships.  In my soul.  In my life.

Light and Love,

Big Laura



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