Sugar (Not the Maroon 5 kind)

Sugar.  Oh fuck. Not my sugar.

Take away:  Diet Dr. Thunder.

Add:  Gratitude

Take away:  Processed Foods.

Add:  Intermittent Fasting.

Which brings us to May of 2016.  When I decided to give up processed sugar (note, PROCESSED, I still ate fruit.  lots and lots of fruit).

OH. MY. HOLY. HELL.  Giving up sugar just sucked.  For a few reasons.

  1.  It’s fucking addictive.  I purposefully use strong verbiage.
  2. sugar brain.jpgSugar and Cocaine fire up the same areas of the brain.
  3. It’s everywhere.
  4. It tastes good.
  5.  It’s a socially acceptable numbing, drugging, getting buzzed substance.

The day after I decided to quit the white stuff, our vice principal called all specialists (me) and teaching assistants into the conference room.  Sounded serious.  Important.  Thought we were all in trouble.  Turns out, he had brought in the best cinnamon rolls and kolaches in the world (yes, I had experienced the ecstasy previously, and knew this was the good stuff) as a thank you for our hard work and dedication.

I did NOT make a big deal about my decision not to partake, I just went into the conference room, thanked him, and said I had students to assess (true) and had to get back to my office.  You would think I had said I hate babies, puppies, baseball.

Yes, giving up sugar is difficult physically.

But holy shit, when YOUR choices, no matter how quietly and privately made, make others uncomfortable, be prepared for some pushback.

There was a public outcry from the women in the room.

You’re skinny enough

Just one won’t hurt

Moderation in all things

Mind you, my decision to give up sugar was not about weight, it was about mental clarity and gut/brain health, not about weight loss.

Mind you, when giving up sugar, I decided to go cold turkey.  So “one” and “moderation” were not an option.  I was finally ready to honor commitments I made to myself, and make NOT ONE exception.   That was and is my choice.  YOU DO YOU.

Mind you, even knowing all of the above, when I walked back to my office, I white knuckled it until the white stuff was gone.

Final mind you?  Mind you, this holiday season with wonderful weddings, the loves of my life within my four walls, parties, and all manner of new and exciting relationships, I’ve been consuming some of the white stuff.   And I’ve been foggy, lethargic, and physically uncomfortable as a result.

Back to Dr. Hyman.  He’s pretty kick ass.  He constantly reminds me that my body is the best dr. in the room, and that food is medicine. Committing to his 10 day detox.  FREE PDF.  Too long?  ONE PAGE VERSION.

Love yourself enough to give your physical body the very best this world has to offer.  And trust me, processed shit and sugar ain’t it.

Light and Love,

Big Laura



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