Match. and HELL YEAH.

Sigh.  I’ve been on a few Match dates.

One not good.  (He didn’t hear me, respect me, or light me up), so he had to go.

One good.  We ate, we kissed, we connected.  Although, my gut was SCREAMING that he was not safe.  My gut proved correct.

And my Hell Yeah.

We have established that “no” is a complete sentence.

If any person, event, activity, belief, meal, or item in your life is not a “HELL YEAH”, then it is a no.

What?  When presented with ANY choice or decision in life, ask yourself, is this something that excites me?  Lights me up?  Makes me say, “HELL YEAH”?  If yes, move forward with joy and your bad self.  If something or someone is just “fine” or “maybe” or worst of all, not even a mindful choice, but a numbing mechanism, than it is a no.

I am not settling for fine any more.  Not settling for nice.  Not even settling for good.  Not in food, not in movement, not in relationships, (romantic or otherwise), not in my body, not in LIFE.  I shall seek out and celebrate the HELL YEAH.

What is yours?  If you can’t answer, find it.  Find your Hell Yeah.  Do it.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

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