Miracle Morning, Big Laura style.

I’m a freakingly early morning person.  As in sometimes 3:30am wake up, get up, stay up.  Almost ALWAYS up and going by 4:30 am.  We won’t mention my bedtime, as it is flexible depending on fatigue and evening activity.

THAT being said, the idea of a Miracle Morning, routine really spoke to me.  Basic idea?  Get up an hour earlier and include

S Is for Silence

A Is for Affirmations

V Is for Visualizations

E Is for Exercise

R is for Reading

And S is for Scribing

Before making nutritional and life changes, I would typically be in a foggy-hungover-stupor until 7:30, roll out of bed, throw hair into pony-tail/bun, and stagger into work, usually late.

Even when I wasn’t drinking, I would wake up earlier, and then lie in bed with my laptop goofing around and wasting time on social media.

THE best morning decision I ever made?  NOTHING comes before my morning water and walk.  NOTHING.

I get up, drink a glass of water with pink himalayan salt, iodine, cilantro tincture, lemon and stevia.  Then I toss on what ever clothing the day requires and get out the door.

NOW, this week has been crazy, and it’s only Tuesday.  I have to leave the house 90 minutes early in order to be in Dallas by 8 for a training.  Again, typically, being an all or nothing sort of girl, I would just ditch my morning routine.  BUT we’re trying to practice some self-care, so instead of 1 hour and 6 minutes (four miles)  my walk was about 17 minutes (one mile).  Instead of writing in the sauna for 45 minutes, I’ll shorten my post and write for about 20 minutes.

Hal takes it eve further on the mornings he’s pressed for time:

  • Silence or Meditate or pray 1 minute
  • Affirmations 1 minutes
  • Visualize (I call this setting my intention for the day and for life) 1 minute
  • Exercise (he does jumping jacks, you do YOU)  1 minute
  • Read one or two positive or inspiring quotes 1 minute
  • Scribe (write ONE thing you’re grateful for) 1 minute

THIS IS GOOD SHIT people!!  Six minutes to a kick-ass day.

Consider this wee bit of knowledge.  Take 6 minutes of action.  Watch for the change!

Light and Love,

Big Laura


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