1.  I failed.  As in didn’t pass.  Have to redo.  In the 2 year post-grad program I’m in, my most recent assignment was a bust, and I am required to do it again.
  2. My son is getting married this week.  In the LDS (Mormon) temple.  In Provo, Utah.  Due to my departure from the Mormon church some years ago, I will not be allowed to attend the ceremony.  Please keep disparaging remarks about the Mormon religion off of the blog.  I knew the rules when I left.  And, the most dear people in my life are Mormon, and I won’t bash their belief system.

I share the above two incidents because I was left feeling somewhat inadequate.  Not good enough. Not smart enough.  Not capable enough.  Not righteous enough.  Just not enough.

Yesterday, during my commute to Dallas, I heard an interview with Peter Sage that made reference to Tony Robins and our “primary fear.” The fear that we are not enough.  And as a result of not being enough, we will never be loved.


Why is this so difficult to believe?  To remember?  To internalize?  Yes, the Mormons may not let me in the temple, and I may not meet the standards set by educational institutions, my house may be a dog-pee pit-of-despair, and we all know the disaster that is my personal life.  But at the end of the day, I am enough.  As. is.  And so is everyone else we encounter.

Show yourself some grace.  Show yourself some acceptance.  Remember that everybody gets a bike.  Remember that your offering will feed multitudes.  With leftovers!

I promise to write about being skinny soon.  Our baby steps so far?

Give up the diet soda.  Or regular soda.  

Show Gratitude

Find an intermittent fasting method that works for YOU.

Show Gratitude.

Eat whole foods.

Show Gratitude

Why?  Remember to ask why three times!  Why does being enough matter?  How will this make me a size 2 and help me find my unicorn?

Until I had an inkling of a beginning of a feeling of “enoughness”  I had NO ability to treat my body right.  And my journey to holistic wellness has also been a journey into going after the best life has to offer.  Because I’m worth it.  (I’m pretty sure that’s a L’oreal commercial?)

Light and Love,

Big Laurayou-is-kind


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