VIDEO: Bulletproof Tea (4am. Yes, I’m wearing yoga pants and uggs. don’t judge)

This yummy, creamy, energizing and full of the best possible fat TEA is how I start every day.  Totally keeps me flying until I consume my first meal about 12-2pm.  OR, if I’m doing Bulletproof fasting, this is all I’ll have for a few days!

Big Laura makes bulletproof tea.
2-3 cups filtered water heated in electric kettle.
1 bag organic green tea
1 bag organic black tea (I use Chai)
Steep for 3-5 minutes and remove bags.  Be careful, they’re hot!


1/2 t organic matcha tea powder
1 T unsalted kerry gold butter (I’ve gotten mine at Costco, Walmart, and ALDI!)
1 T Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil,, MCT oil, OR organic coconut oil.  PLEASE NOTE, add ONE of these oils.  Depending upon finances and your activity levels for the day!  Do NOT add all three.  If you do, I cannot be held responsible!
2 packets Pyure Premium Organic Stevia.
FROTH in Vitamix for at least 30 seconds.
Rock out and enjoy all day.

Live the Holistic life, start with tea.  And meditation, and moving, and gratitude, but today, tea.

Love and Light,

Big Laura

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