The Good News.

Good news?  There is a Messiah.  THE BETTER NEWS?  It ain’t you.

Dane and Cai circa 2000

I grew up Mormon.  Not some half-assed Mormon either.  We are talking the follow all of the rules, pay all the tithing, married in the LDS temple, full scholarship to Brigham Young University, leadership roles and positions, full-assed kind of Mormon.  So my decision to leave the Mormon religion was not one I made easily or lightly.

I DO identify very strongly as a Christian.  I don’t put that out there much, as I find spirituality to be an incredibly personal issue, and to be honest, it really hurts when people who have no knowledge of me or my heart or my spirit point fingers and proclaim, “not Christian, BAD, not-worthy, ect.”  I just need to take a deep breath, and remember, they are NOT on the list.

All that being said, I also really groove on the BIG FIVE from the Buddhist tradition, have studied with Jain monks at an ashram in Windom, Texas of all places, and have mad respect for any and all people who are doing their best to find and share love and joy, no matter the path.

Stephen Robinson is a Mormon scholar and author who tells a story that is commonly referred to as, The Parable of the Bicycle.  If you’ve never seen goofy and cheesy Mormon Video, you’re in for a treat.  Cliff note?  Kid wants bike.  Kid has no money. Kid earns a tiny bit of money, and realizes she will be about 1,983 years old before she can afford bicycle.  Dad says, “give me everything you’ve got, and a hug and a kiss, and I’ll make up the difference”.  The take away?  Christ and the Atonement does the same thing.  INDIVIDUALLY.  So comparison goes out the window.  You have .85 cents?  YOU get a new bike!  You have 8.95?  You too get a new bike!  You are a rock star monk type person, who has $97.83?  Guess what, YOU ALSO get a new bike.  We get so hung up on life being FAIR, we forget that life is also compassionate and kind.

  • Atonement is for everyone
  • Comparison sucks
  • We all get bikes

I was listening to a Krista Tippett podcast this morning, that reminded me of something pretty awesome.  Not only do we get a new bike, no matter if we have .85 cents or $97.93,  Christ wants us to have the whole dayum bike shop.  Enter, the parable of the loaves and the fishes.  Bullet list:

  • Jesus teaching a butt-load of people in the wilderness, (5000 MEN, who usually don’t travel without their women and kids, so add them in there no stores, markets, or mickey dees in sight.
  • people are hungry but don’t want to leave
  • Christ shows compassion, meets physical needs, (Maslow??!!) and says, “hey, who has grub?”
  • LAD has 5 barley loaves and 2 fishes.
  • Christ, even when people say…dude, that is NOT enough, feeds the multitude.
  • OH, and there were leftovers.  12 baskets worth.  LOVE me some leftovers.

I linked to the version in John, as he mentions the original source of the food.  The LAD.  Young, without much esteem or power, and he had just a small amount to offer. But offer he did.  And you know the rest.

My takeaway?  When I give MY seemingly insignificant offering to Christ, through the atonement, not only will my offering be made whole, it will be multiplied.  I will have loaves and fishes to spare and share.

Not Christian?  Cool.  You do you.  Imma gonna do me.  If you profess to be Christian, but wallow in despair at how shitty you are?  Might wanna rethink that.  If you profess to be Christian and point fingers at the offerings of others and judge, and find them lacking?  REALLY wanna rethink that.

WHY does this matter?  Why do you care?  Will this make you a size two?  life-balance-wheel-2

Check out the spiritual piece of the pie.  Vision, Acceptance, Joy.  Gotta find balance and holistic health and living if there is going to be JOY.

Light and Love

Big Laura

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