Knowledge. Action. Change.

About 8 days ago, I went “Bulletproof.”  Committed to 6 weeks.


I was tired by mid afternoon.

I was experiencing food cravings.

I was not dealing well with stress.

I gained 3 pounds.  134.8 to 137.2.

My waist measurement went from 28 inches to 28.5

No other data was collected.

WHY?  This is why I THINK these events occurred, as this is not a double-blind, placebo-based, peer-reviewed study.  This is just me, falling on my face, and trying to figure out why.

I have adrenal fatigue and take a very low dose natural thyroid supplement.  Coffee, which is a main part of the Bulletproof plan, is a big no for those with thyroid and adrenal issues.  Dave said his coffee is pure, ei, no mold or mycotoxins, and doesn’t TYPICALLY cause the same problems as traditional beans.  This was just not my experience.  I will be going back to my bulletproof tea.

I had an unusually busy schedule and some external stressors.  Stress messes even more with your adrenals, thyroid and gut.  Which increases food cravings, fatigue, and REDUCES serotonin.  Not a good thing.  The author of the linked article is Dr. Amy Meyers, and she’s pretty much the big shit on thyroid issues.  If you suspect or KNOW you have a wonky thyroid, check her out.

Due to my busy schedule and stress, my sleep was off, I missed yoga 4 days, and missed walking 2 days.  Movement and yoga are required components of my holistic health plan.  When they go to shit, so does everything else.

Food, Sleep, Movement.  In that order.  I messed up all three over the past 8 days, and life got sucky.  Fast.


mazlows-heirarchy-of-needsWhen obtaining my master’s degree, part of my developmental studies course introduced me to Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs model.  Nutshell?  You can’t get to the groovy shit at the tip of the pyramid without the kind of boring and obvious stuff at the bottom.  So when my students come to me and are a disaster, completely unready to learn, I check to make sure the needs at the bottom of the pyramid are being met.  Are they breathing?  One student suffers severe asthma, so NO.  Did they have breakfast?  Did they sleep?  Have they been loved?  I may not be able to TEACH them today, but I can for sure love them today.  And if I can love them today, maybe, just maybe I can teach them tomorrow.

The same concepts applies to ME.  And probably to you.

I am reassessing, regrouping, picking myself up YET again, and moving onward and upward.  For ME, the best physical, mental, and overall wellness results have come from THIS GUY.  Dr. Hyman’s Ultramind Solution was instrumental in some major changes in my physical, emotional, and mental health.  His stuff is solid, I like him, and he’s kind of a total Jewish Hottie.

So, I’m going to do 21 days this time.  Same measurments, same energy/sleep/and mood tracking.  Slightly different nutrition plan.  The 21 day protocol shares many attributes with the bulletproof plan, but has a few more food options.

What action are YOU going to take?  Are you going to BREATHE?  That would be step one.  It is for me.  Are you going to heal with food?  Practice better sleep hygiene?  Move?  Manage stress?  You do your own bad self.  Try Bulletproof, Try Dr. Hyman’s stuff, Try Dr. Meyers stuff.  Or not.  If you are completely satisfied, glowing, happy and riding on unicorns leaping rainbows all day long, carry on.

As for me, persistance, action, knowledge and CHANGE are on the menu.

Light and Love,

Big Laura

3 thoughts on “Knowledge. Action. Change.

  1. My life philosophy is that I am never beat unless I quit. It doesn’t matter how many times we hit the curb flat on our face, if we get back up, regroup, and try again (probably with some modifications in what we are doing) then we are not beat. You are a great example of getting back up. Keep going!


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