THE POST. If you want to be skinny, glowing, happy, smart, successful, healthy, and find true love riding on a unicorn: DO THIS. If you WON’T. You are reading the wrong blog.

Do THIS.  Click on the LINK.  Get a notebook, spend 12 minutes and 45 seconds of your time,  (even less if you skip the ads) write your thoughts and responses, and change your day. Maybe your week, perhaps your life.

You may notice, I have included the link to Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins interview and gratitude experience three, wait, now four times.  Here are a few reasons:

Gratitude is not an option if you want to transform, grow, glow, show,heal and thrive.  Again,

Gratitude.  is.  required.  

I do not recommend, suggest, or hope you will find ways to be grateful.  I require it.  If you are here just to lose weight, get healthier ONLY in a physical realm, you may be a bit short-sighted and small in your goals…, but the necessity of gratitude in your daily life remains the same.

You will not achieve LASTING change in any realm, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, financial, or any other aspect of life without a meaningful and daily gratitude practice.  In writing.

I think we’ve established, I’m not your Jedi Master.  I am doing me, and encourage you to do you.  I do not stutter or hesitate when I say this:

Last time:  NO lasting change can be effected without a consistent, meaningful, and daily gratitude practice.  None.  Nada.  Zip.  If you are going to gain knowledge, begin action, and change,  if you are to truly transform, gratitude is necessary, required, vitally important.  Gratitude is not an option.  Write it down and send it out into the universe.

Like number one.  Like daily.  Like for real.   As in, I should have started the entire website with this post.  (I’m slow, and not linear, so it’s post number 11, deal.)  Like, I have such strong feelings and experiences with the whole “gratitude thing”, This post will be the first in a series.

This is NOT a nice and cute thing to do on social media during November.  This is not a passing thought, this is a hard-core, concrete necessity.

Ok, Imma gonna take a breath and quit lecturing now.

In August, I returned to school, went to my DOC, stopped drinking (there’s a story there), and began a daily gratitude practice.  My goal?  EVERY DAY, I would express WRITTEN GRATITUDE.

YES…I did some journaling, using the Five Minute Journal, (I got mine at Barnes and Noble for 5 dollars, but it’s not there anymore)  Purchase it on Amazon , OR print a bunch of this free pdf, or try the app.  The journaling was a quick way to set my intention at the beginning of the day, get my mind right, and then review, reassess, and reflect at the end of the day.

BUT MY REQUIREMENT…my absolute no excuses requirement of myself?  Express written gratitude to at least ONE person or organization on a daily basis.  This could include notes, letters, emails, or text messages.  I grabbed some inexpnsive notes at Half-Price books, but 3×5’s would work, and some wonderwoman stamps. 

This post is the first in a “gratitude series” which will include some miracles, relationships, and positive outcomes of this practice, but for now, suffice it to say that daily written gratitude has changed me.  Transformed me.  Made me skinny.  Made me happy.  Gotten me sober.  Enabled me to live a bigger life.  Oh, and with the exception of my 15 dollar supply fee, it was totally free.

Many many people want to know how I’m eating, what supplements I’m taking, how I’m moving and exercising.  What program I’m following.  And I’m a total geek about sharing that.  And all of that has MAYBE helped in my journey?  Probably hasn’t hurt, but for my final statement, let me reinforce:

Written.  Daily. Gratitude.  Evokes. Transformation. In. Every. Realm.

So start.  NOW.  Today.  I know many of you have begun to give up your diet and regular soda!  THAT IS AWESOME.  Many others are going Bulletproof.  Still Awesome!  Some are embarking on the Ultramind Solution.  Awesome x 3.  Some of you are choosing to attack me, either to my face or behind my back, judging, gossipping, trying to tear down that which is threatening.  Not as awesome, but still, a valid choice depending on your life goals.  You do you.

If you are not willing to begin a daily written gratitude expression, not one you keep to yourself, but one you share with the world, one person at a time, you are wasting your time.  You are wasting my time.  And you are on the wrong site.  

Spend your 12 minutes and 45 seconds, record your responses to the questions Mr. Robbins asks during the podcast, write ONE text, email, note, or letter and send it off.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

This will be continued.

Love and Light,

Big Laura


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