Diet Dr. Thunder made me look like THIS

Yup.  Summer of 2015.  I was NOT at my all time high of 198 pounds.  I had settled in at a nice round 172.  Side note, how much time and mental energy has been absolutely

August 2015.  In my office at school.  Overweight, overmedicated, and over consuming everything.  AND, I’ve been told I look somewhat pissed.

WASTED remembering these numbers?!  Sigh.  Onward and Upward.  Back to summer of 2015.  I was enduring the most grueling and rigorous educational experience of my life.  And that’s saying something, as I got my undergrad and performed my senior recital when my son was four months old.  And got my Master’s while newly divorced, working full time, and had two teen-age children at home.  So…suffice it to say, this sh*t was HARD.

I was in a month long portion of the Scottish Rite Dyslexia and Certified Academic Language Therapist  program.  My fellow therapists in training (TIT’s) and I were in Dallas from 8-4 daily.  Lectures, practicums, and student teaching, and for me, the information was all incredibly new and foreign.  So the learning curve was steep.  I faced a horrible commute that lasted anywhere for an hour to 90  minutes each way, depending on traffic.  AND…finally (somebody call the WAHmbulance) we were assigned chapters and academic journal articles to read nightly.  These were accompanied by written reviews which were to be turned in each morning.

How was a normal girl to survive?  Diet Dr. Thunder and Red Vines.  With the occasional bag of baked Cheetos (baked! So they’re healthy, right?)  Oh, and I was drinking BOXES of pink wine as well.  Sunset blush.  Classy, right?

All of these food and beverage choices would eventually  be addressed, but for today, we’re going to talk about the Diet Dr. Thunder.  Each weekend, I would stock up.  LOAD my cart with THIS:  diet-dr-thunder

For those of you who might be unfamiliar, Diet Dr. Thunder is Diet Dr. Pepper’s white trash Wal Mart cousin.  I would unload my car at home, and each night I would put SIX cans of soda into my fridge to chill to the perfect temperature.  Each morning, I would load up a little green cooler bag with SIX cans of my sweet sweet nectar.

One day, the kind and amazing woman sitting next to me commented, “wow, you drink A LOT of soda…I don’t think that’s very good for you.”  A few of us had a conversation about sodas, both diet and traditional, and the next day she sent me an article.  (I don’t think this is the EXACT article…but something similar.)  Well…obviously, the fact that my DIET soda was making me fat was somewhat worrisome, but weight or numbers on the scale are just apparently NOT a great enough motivator for me.  If they were, I would have changed permanently, LONG AGO.  What got me was THIS.  Warning, the attached link is long.  Here is the video cliff note version.  Laura’s uber Cliff note version? ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS BAD.  BAD.  BAD.  NEUROTOXIN.  KILL BRAIN CELLS.

So, while I had absolutely no love, contentment with, or concern for my body, I really really really love my brain.  I think I’m smart.  I don’t say this to be arrogant, and I may be the only person who thinks this, but there you are.  I like the way I think, comprehend, and process information.  AND, DAYUM, artificial sweeteners were f*cking that all up.

Artificial sweeteners also completely screw up your microbiome.  I would not discover my microbiome until February of 2016, so we’ll save that for another post.  But it is BAD to screw it up.

As we’ve stated in a previous post, change requires knowledge AND action.  I had some knowledge, time to act.  So, I went from about ten cans a day down to five.  Did that for a week.  And so on and so on, until I would allow myself ONE can at 5pm as a reward.  Why on Earth I choose to “reward” myself with neurotoxins, I really had no clue.  Not as smart as I think I am!  FINALLY, I gave the sh*t up completely, and switched to LaCroix sparkling water.  Over the past 15 months, I have even lost the taste for LaCroix, and just have water.  Filtered or mineral.  In glass or stainless steel conttainers.  Sometimes with lemon if I’m feeling especially sassy.

This was BABY STEP ONE.  In about a million baby steps.  And a million other fall flat on my face moments.  Maybe we’ll even call this CRAWLING.  But most of us have to crawl before we can walk, walk before we can run, and run before we can soar.

You deserve the best this world has to offer.  In all areas.  I no longer trust government agencies  to tell me what is or is not ok to put into my body.  I no longer trust traditional medical experts.  I no longer trust NON-traditional medical experts.  They’re not on my list.  I trust the universe, and I trust my own body.  Give up the toxic sh*t.  You deserve better.  I am finally realizing I do.

Light and Love,

Big Laura





14 thoughts on “Diet Dr. Thunder made me look like THIS

  1. so happy for you Laura!! I stopped drining diet soda approx a year and a half ago… !! I did it. Love your story, love your courage, and honesty! You are a gift!


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