So…I’ve tried a LOT of “stuff” throughout the years.  Especially in the arena of diet, nutrition, and fitness.  I won’t give my history at this point, but I want to share what I’m doing RIGHT NOW.  (living in the now!)

OK…a brief history (or HERstory?) just for some background knowledge.

I have ALWAYS struggled with weight, body, body image, fitness, and all things of this nature.  HUGE regret?  The PURE WASTED TIME, ENERGY, and RESOURCES I’ve poured into hating my body, regulating my body, and employing traditional methods that just DO NOT WORK.november-2012-197-pounds

This is ME…November of 2012.  Smiling away at my BEFORE pics.  Before I paid a ton of money (that I didn’t have) in order to get lap band surgery.  OH…if you’re considering it, you may want to know…I didn’t change my eating habits…so my band “slipped”  and I had to pay some more to get revision surgery.  STILL didn’t change, band “slipped” again, and I was told they would have to deflate the band, but not remove it.  (deflating means removing all of the fluid in the band, thus rendering it useless)  Well…I wanted the damn thing out.  SO…I went to MEXICO, by myself…and had it OUT.  So I have spent a ton of money, mental anguish, and have a belly full of scars as a reminder of my obsession.

If you want to get different results, perhaps you should try something DIFFERENT!

Enter, biohacker Dave Asprey and BULLETPROOF.  THIS SOUNDED CRAZY.  TOTALLY AGAINST EVERYTHING I KNEW WAS RIGHT.  So of of course, I had to try it!  Bulletproof.  Don’t take my word for it.  Listen to the podcast, read the book, or read this little post from Dave Asprey.

The pounds MELTED off.  My body composition changed.  My sleep improved.  My cravings disappeared.  My skin glows.  My MIND cleared up…brain fog left!  I got MENTALLY HAPPY.  I am not rigid.  I eat a bit more fruit than Dave…but I really really really eat a LOT of fat.  A LOT of veggies.  And a bit of protein.  And it is ALL HIGH QUALITY.  I finally decided that my body, mind, and soul deserves the BEST this world has to offer.

Please don’t believe me!  Don’t believe Dave.  Listen to your own body.  YOU DO YOU.  If you are completely happy with the way your life is in all areas RIGHT NOW.  Carry on!  If you’re miserable, wanting change, seeking something new.  TRY IT.  Change requires TWO things, knowledge and action.  You can be your own test subject.  Experiment on your own bad self!  Worst case scenario?  You hate it, hate me, gain a few pounds, and go back to doing what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always gotten.  BEST CASE scenario?  You become a freaking rock star.  laura-beach

This is me in Cancun, Mexico last weekend.  And…I felt like a rock star.  (My companion was NOT a rock star…but I digress)

In the interest of full disclosure, I have not been inside of a gym in over 7 years.  I taught aerobics for 10 years before my divorce, and had a mental breakdown during that time.  (like…for real…hospital and sh*t!)  Couldn’t face the mirrors, the expectations, the comparisons, the entire gym attitude.  So, I have lost 70 pounds walking and doing gentle yoga at a studio that HAS NO MIRRORS!)  I am entering the little gym by my house ($10/month!) for the first time in SEVEN years, this Saturday.  I really want to try the BIG FIVE.  So…once a week, for 20 minutes, I shall gird up my loins, fresh courage take, and face the mirrors.  If it’s too unbearable…I think there are some home versions.

So…if I’m willing to goto the gym, are YOU willing to get a little knowledge?  Give a little action?

I’ll keep you posted.

Love and Light,

Big Laura




6 thoughts on “Bulletproof

    1. Any words that are highlighted in blue are a link to further information
      Both links I’m the body of the post explain the big 5. The bulletproof post even has videos! I’m going to Youfit on hulen


  1. Laura-what a wonderful testimony! I have known you for several years and have seen the transformation!! Congratulations! I would love to hear about your journey!! You go girl!! I am pulling for you and every confidence that you will win!!!❤️


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